Art Classes

No experience needed to attend classes. Classes are for beginners and the more advanced artists. All equipment
is available here at Di Bus Stop.

Painting Classes

Voorbeeld van gesigstudie in Olieverf
Our painting classes are designed for absolute beginners through to more capable artists. Even if you can only draw a stick figure, we can help you to get started with your first oil or acrylic painting. Loezytha will provide step by step instructions on drawing your layout, paint mixing, and painting techniques.

Pewter Classes

Copy of pewterklas 1Pewter is a great medium for beginning artists that enjoy working with their hands. We have a wide variety of patterns that anyone from children through to adults can bring to life, without any experience. Pewter art can be used to decorate anything, including bottles, light switches, kitchen ornaments and much more.

Mosaic Classes

20151017_112747At Di Bus Stop we often use Mosaic as a team building activity. We provide all the tools and materials to make mosaic artworks in all shapes and sizes.
Mosaic is perfect for both adults and children.